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EXTRUDED VASE, #2229: $45

Here is a vase that is part of a short EXTRUDED VASE series.

Many years ago when I first visited ceramic artist Jeff Shapiro at his home studio in NY, I was impressed by a vase that he had hand built. The general shape and composition moved me and was, to my way of thinking, a lovely solution to displaying a small amount of greens/flowers, weeds.

I did, what my friend Mr. Shiho Kanzaki calls, "chasing the image".

I committed myself to thinking about what it was I liked about the Shapiro piece. I let the image ferment, morph, develop, change.

I didn't try to make Shapiro's vase......only be influenced by its beauty (and isn't that what we all do, with all of our own designs.....aren't we always chasing beauty?).

What has emerged is an approach to extruded vases that I have now been "chasing" for over a decade. Some are fired upright... some fired on their sides on a tripod of sea shells.

I attempt to portray a sense of lilt, dance, lean, movement, gesture. These works NEED the flowers, weeds, greens to be complete. Withont them, they are out of balance.

I try always to keep something in these vases here at my home and studio....even dried things.

I hope you'll enjoy these works....perhaps treat yourself to one, or select one as a gift for another.

This EXTRUDED VASE measures 10.25 inches tall.

Firing Process: Side-fired
Type of Work: vases (hanaire)


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