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Just in time to celebrate my 40th anniversary of pottery-making.

Here's a baker's dozen of works that have surrounded me for much of the last two decades....informing my aesthetic, challenging me to better works, and functioning as my study collection and continuing education.

I was very fortunate to receive an invitation to participate in a three-week international wood-firing symposium in Gothenberg, Sweden in the summer of 2012. It was my first time to participate in such an event. It was such a positive experience to participate in the symposium with so many other well-known international wood-firers.....making, exchanging ideas, working together, firing.

The firing itself was excellent and everyone received many good works from the kiln. This piece was my best/favorite: it was located right near the front of the kiln and took the brunt/blessing of heat and atmosphere.

I hand-carried it back to the US only to have, on the last leg of the flights, my carry-on confiscated, and thrown/pummeled into the plane's luggage hold. (I watched them do it...protesting the whole time!!) Most of the work in my carry-on bag was broken by the insensitive crew who were only "doing their jobs"....how fortunate for me that this, my favorite piece, managed to survive the abuse.

Sometimes pieces just set themselves apart...sometimes every possible thing that can go right -- among the scores and scores of variables -- DOES "go right"....and we are left with works that are better than we could have ever made...........if all those variables were left in our control. On these occasions, I've tended to hang onto the works until I thought that I'd learned all that I could from them.

With respect to these pieces, I always feel more like a receiver than a maker.

No matter how long I keep them, there is still something elusive about them....because of the complexities of combustion chemistry and the firing dynamics of high-temperature-atmospheric firings.
I never fully figure them out.

But there comes a time when it is right to pass them along to someone else who might gain some insight from them.

Now's the time.....is this one meant for you?

This vase measures 8.5 inches tall.

Firing Process: Wood-fired
Type of Work: vases (hanaire)


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