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wood-fired pots, waiting

Outside the Old Bag Factory.

Inside the studio at the Old Bag Factory.

My Studio

For more than 25 years my studio has been located in an old three-story, 1890's vintage, post-and-beam-constructed building. Originally the home of the Cosmo Buttermilk Soap Company (who exported most of their production to Europe) ....and next the home of the Chicago-Detroit Bag Factory ... and until 1982, the home of the Chase Bag Factory, this classy structure is now known as The Old Bag Factory. Currently, the home to a covey of producing artists and craftsmen, as well as a collection of high-quality, entrepreneurial businesses, The Old Bag Factory has become a destination point in Northern Indiana for persons seeking high-quality hand- made arts and crafts.

In November 2010 I sold the pottery studio at the Old Bag Factory to my long-time employee and friend, Mark Goertzen. The pottery will continue under his direction at the same location.

Mark, as the new owner, very graciously invited me to become a "permanent visiting artist" at the studio. So I will continue to make and sell my personal work at the Goshen studio....moving into the next phase of my life as a ceramic artist.



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