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(one of) NINE LADIES DANCING, #5742: sold

Just in time for the TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS, (one of the) NINE LADIES DANCING vases.

Clearance priced for quick sale, this lovely dancing vase is a sculptural and fully functional vase.

This dancer measures 10.5 inches tall, is long-wood-fired and has lovely gesture, posture, movement and vibe.

"She" surely would qualify as the most-like-Aunt-Jemima-body-type in the whole "nine-ladies-bunch".....busty, big-butted....cellulite and all.......and with an "outie" bellie button. Laugh with me on this one and take her home.

Price includes packing, shipping and insurance to all continental US postal destinations.


Firing Process: Wood-fired
Type of Work: vases (hanaire)


This item is not currently available for purchase.

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