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This cup measures 4.25 inches tall.

I find this current series to be just wondrous in its complexity and beauty. I often find myself wondering to myself: "Did I actually make this, or did I just receive it as some grace from the making process?"

Conscious of the ergonomics of pots-in-hand, I've tried my best to make these pieces so that they fit most-all-sizes of hands, and that they appeal with equal pleasure to lefties and righties...ambidextrous, if I may call them that...with an engaging place for your thumb and fingers.

I've been working intensively on this series of triple-glazed glaze- combinations for the last 2 years. As you might imagine, keeping three glazes on the pot and keeping it from running all over the kiln shelves is a challenge. After two years, I've come to a personal revelation and conclusion about these widely-varying and elusive glazes that bring such color, texture and beauty to my works.

I'm realizing that just as in wood-firing, sometimes the very best pieces are the works that have some natural-ash-glaze that runs onto the foot: in fact the pot could not possibly look like it does unless there is that much glass-making material on the pot. With wood-firing, my aesthetic has changed over the years to see a glaze drip on the bottom of a piece as no diminishment of its quality and value...in fact, sometimes the glaze drip makes the piece even more beautiful and valuable.

I'm coming to the same conclusion concerning these lovely triple-glazes. Sometimes the runs or drips are inevitable if the piece is to achieve the beauty I seek.

So rather than apologize for the drips (you won't hear me say, "no runs, no drips, no errors and nobody left on base") if there are drips, I will do my best to make the piece sit level, sand and smooth the bottom, and generally celebrate that THIS IS just exactly what it took to make this piece the loveliness that it is. But I also will not hide the drips from you. Those pieces that have a bit of dripping and running will include a photo of the bottom of the pot so that there will be no surprises when you order it and receive it.

I'm accepting these pieces as having been just a little extra-blessed by the gods of the kiln. I hope you will treasure them as well.

So some of the works in this series of two dozen new cups will have smoothed, buffed and softened drips. If so, a photo will show you the bottom. If not, no extra photo and no extra kiln-god blessing.

Perfect size for your tea, juice or coffee...wonderful as well for wine or a small pouring of your favorite spirit. Enjoy!

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Firing Process: Glaze-fired
Type of Work: cups (guinomi / ochoko)


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