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SAKE CUP WITH BOX, #0724: $75

Here’s one in a series of new sake cups. Each comes with it’s own custom-made box. The cups measure 3+ inches in diameter and are between 1” and 2” tall. Small cups: I was first introduced to this size sake cup at the inaugural opening-celebration of a newly-built Japanese tea house. Mr. Shiho Kanzaki took me, along with Karl and Ginny Beamer as his guests. The pre-ceremony meal included some very tiny sake cups. My first thought was that they were almost too small to drink from….shallow and small-footed. But it was my perception that the inclusion of these lovely and delicate cups was less about consuming sake and more about putting a fine elegant edge on the experience. In that spirit, I made these small beautiful cups, and am including an individual box with each one.

A fine gift to yourself, or perhaps the solution to an upcoming gifting occasion. Enjoy!

Price includes packing, shipping and insurance to all continental US destinations.

(International Customers: please ignore the flat-rate $75 shipping rate and email me, telling me the identification number of the piece(s) you are interested in. Include your shipping address. I will get an exact quote to you and can email you a PayPal invoice if you decide to purchase. You may reach me at [email protected] )

Firing Process: Glaze-fired
Type of Work: cups (guinomi / ochoko)


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