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Here's one of two larger jars that were fired in this year's 20th firing of the Notre Dame woodfired kiln: " anagama". The firing lasted 7 days, and utilized roughly 10 cords of wood...all harvested from the Notre Dame University Campus. The natural ash glaze on this pot literally came from the earth on campus, and gathered, compliments of the trees.

This jar measures 16 inches tall and 12 inches in diameter.


This pot was was fired upright and the running lines of natural ash glaze were created from all that wood. During combustion in the firebox, the wood releases fly-ash to the kiln, containing soluble salts, and enzyme-gathered minerals which the trees needed - dictated by their particular biology - and stored in the bark and cambium layer.

This piece was in the very front of the kiln and I watched it with every stoke over the course of the 7 days of firing. I'd shaken on the pot a little of my own gathered ash from firing #19, two years ago - and some of my "secret sauce" of colorants. Over the course of the firing, the ash accumulated and glistened and dripped down the sides of the piece.

While we potters cannot claim a small carbon footprint on any individual piece, when you consider that you may enjoy this for a lifetime and still be able to pass it along to someone, the size of its footprint diminishes.

In addition, its presence with you will infuse it with memories and relationships....it will become more beautiful over time...as will you, in those relationships.

A fine gift to yourself, or perhaps the solution to an upcoming gifting occasion. Enjoy!

Price includes packing, shipping and insurance to all continental US destinations.

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Firing Process: Wood-fired
Type of Work: large jars (tsubo)


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