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Oni-Lehman Cup, #1210: $49

This series reflects my first results in the pursuit of a body of work that has been influenced by "Oni-Shino" Japanese potter, Tsukigata Nahiko.

No, I'm not trying to make or copy his works. But I've been deeply influenced by the "Oni" element. In Japanese, "Oni" can mean "devil", but it can also mean rustic, excessive, expressive, dramatic. I'm seeking those same elements in my current glaze experimentation/development. I'm hoping to do so by incorporating, also, the learnings that I've gained during my last 3 years of "triple-glazing", about which I've recently written an article published in the April 2020 Ceramics Monthly magazine: "Triple Glazing: Acknowledging Inspiration and Chasing the Image"

So all these pieces have at least three glazes on them, but also frits, wood ash, volcanic ash, colorants, other fluxes, and at times low-temperature commercial glazes - - all with a view toward creating deeply complex, textured and colorful glazes that have an actual "physicality" to them. Thus: ONI-LEHMAN. I hope you enjoy.

This piece measures 3.75 inches tall.

Remember, the price for each of these web pieces includes packing, shipping and insurance to all US destinations. Enjoy!

Firing Process: Glaze-fired
Type of Work: cups (guinomi / ochoko)


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