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Triple-glazed cup, #1450: SOLD $54

The triple-glazing I'm using for these cups is the result of an almost four-year investigation. In addition to each of the cups having three glazes, many also incorporate shaken fluxes, frits, colorants, wood ash, and volcanic ash from the Mt. Augustine eruption in Alaska.

The double-facting on most of these works creates a great hand-feel, and the casually undulating rims fit nicely on the lips.

If you'd like to see how I make these double-facetted cups, you can see a snippet of the new Ceramic Arts Network VIDEO that was just completed, by going to this address:

This VIDEO may be purchased from this page for under $15...a great way to inspire your on-wheel alteration.

This cup measures 3.5 inches tall.

Firing Process: Glaze-fired
Type of Work: cups (guinomi / ochoko)


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