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Oni-Glazed Vase, #1830: $197

Now for some woodfired work:

This vase measures 8.5 inches tall.

My current glaze investigation has seen a blending of my three-year-pursuit of Triple-Glazing with the "Oni-Glazing" that I've been pursuing most recently. Oni, in Japanese, can translate as "devil"...but also as "rustic", "extreme", "excessive", "over-the-top". I'm going for "Over The Top". ;-)

These woodfired works were glazed and then woodfired: but the glazing process uses up to 9 steps of glazing using dipping, pouring, brushing, sifting, and spraying..........and uses wet glazes, dry glazes, fluxes, frits, colorants, wood-ash, volcanic ash and mid-range commercial glazes.

I'm interested in what these excessive glazing procedures might create, and was deeply interested to see what would happen to them in an approximately 100-hour wood firing. Have a look.

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Firing Process: Wood-fired
Type of Work: vases (hanaire)


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