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MOSSY WATERS: Oni-glazed tea bowl, $2071: $275

This tea bowl measures 3.25 inches tall. Made for use or contemplation, it is a visually complex and engaging bowl. All the tea bowls in this ini-glazed series have between 4 and 9 glaze applications...applications made by dipping, brushing, sprinkling and spraying. I'm using wet glazes, dry glazes, frits, fluxes, colorants, wood ash and volcanic ash. Be sure to see the "other view" and "detail" images.

My current glaze investigation has seen a blending of my three-year-pursuit of Triple-Glazing with the "Oni-Glazing" that I've been pursuing most recently. Oni, in Japanese, can translate as "devil"...but also as "rustic", "extreme", "excessive", "dramatic". Most of the pieces that I'm listing today have from 4-9 glazes on them.

For almost 20 years I've been aware of the work of Tsukigata Nahiko, who was famous in Japan for his "ONI SHINO"...or Demon Shino. No one would ever confuse our work. But I will admit to having been influenced by the dramatic physicality of his glazes...the drama... the excess, the excessive beauty. So for 20 years I've been "chasing the image" of his works, in my mind. Now, finally, some of my own "oni-glazed" works are ready to meet the world. I hope you enjoy them.
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Firing Process: Glaze-fired
Type of Work: tea bowls (chawan)


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