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sagaar-fired vase with ferns

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My setting

I have compiled for you a "photo album" of images which might give you some insight into my setting. It includes a look at my home and my home studio.

Home is important because it hosts many of the views and visions which inspire me. And often I take works home from my Old Bag Factory studio in an attempt to get the works out of a more industrial "factory" environment; to see them in a more intimate space (hopefully similar in some way to your space), to learn to know them in a quieter place, to see with new eyes.

Perhaps by sharing images of my works, and of me, in my home environment, somehow I will be able to convey to you a portion of the discovery and fascination and pleasure which these works bring to me - perhaps you too will catch some of that vision.

I have a rather extensive collection of images.... If they are more than you wish to see at one time, please come back and visit again.

See the photo album »

See photo exhibit of a recent 15-Day Wood Firing: