#2316 Wall Vase

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This wall vase measures 5.25 inches tall.  It has been glazed in one of my Temoku glazes and was fired in a gas kiln to cone 10.

In a traditional post-and-beam Japanese home, there are very few surfaces - with the exception of the Tokonoma - on which to sit vases.  Consequently, wall vases / kake hanaire are in often use, and are hung on the posts or on the window framing.  (What's blooming outside is often "blooming" inside.)  Most often the wall vases are quiet and understated so as not to compete with the flowers.  The hangers (which I must import) make it easy to simply hang the vase on a nail.

Remember that the price on this piece includes packing, shipping and insurance to all continental US addresses.  Those of you interested in making purchases from Alaska, Hawaii and international destinations, please contact me with Number and Title at dicklehmanclayart@gmail.com