#3553 Glazed and Woodfired cup with natural ash

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This woodfired cup was fired for 5 days with wood in the November 2022 Notre Dame Anagama firing.  It measures 3.5 inches tall. 

This batch of cups are all"ergonomic and ambidextrous" :  Many have thumb-impressions for a nice grip and on the back side have little bump-outs to wrap your fingers around; others are faceted for a nice grip....others have big swirls where your fingers will naturally find a 'perfect' place to grasp hold.  

All of these cups are just right for anything that you consume in moderation:  juice, tea, espresso (some of them), wine, spirits, sake.

In the spirit of the holidays, I have set aside 50 cups from my last firing that I'm pricing at $40 or less - a price point that should allow you to "fill some stockings" (for those of you who celebrate in this way), treat yourself, or be generous with others. 

Remember that the price on this piece includes packing, shipping and insurance to all continental US addresses. As a result, those of you at the greatest distances from Indiana get the best deals.   At prices like this, perhaps you should get two or three.....  You'll find everything from quiet, to bold and splashy in this collection of $40-or-less cups.  Do have a good look.


Those of you interested in making purchases from Alaska, Hawaii and international destinations, please contact me with Number and Title at dicklehmanclayart@gmail.com


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