#3682 Pair of Wood-fired/Re-fired Cups

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The tallest cup measures 3.5 inches tall.  It holds a modest volume for those beverages that you consume in moderation:  water, juices, tea, coffee perhaps, wine, sake, liquors.

In my natural flow of work I do a lot of testing and glaze development.  I try many different clay bodies.  And I gas fire, soda fire, wood fire, wood/salt fire….and I re-fire….even re-glaze and re-fire.  As you can imagine, with these kinds of variables, the results are widespread and a little unpredictable.

Often, after testing new glazes on small test tiles, I go straight to pots to see what these new glazes look like on actual pieces:  cups are my pieces of choice for continuing my testing.

This drop of 40+ new pieces incorporate works that span all the variables I mention above:  no promises about ever reproducing these results, but you have here, an opportunity to snatch something that you may likely never see again.

Hopefully, just in time for you to purchase in groups,  at very affordable prices, pots for all your spring and summer gifting needs…..or just to treat yourself!

Remember that the price on this piece includes packing, shipping and insurance to all continental US addresses.  

Those of you interested in making purchases from Alaska, Hawaii and international destinations, please contact me with Number and Title at dicklehmanclayart@gmail.com

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