#3722 Oni-Glazed Wall Vase

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This wall vase measures 5 inches tall.  Wall vases are one of my favorites!  I invite you to take a serious look.

I learned about wall vases (Kake Hanaire) while I was in Japan.  There’s an entire industry devoted to making the hanging devices that I use.  I import mine from Japan.

In a traditional post-and-beam Japanese home there is not very much furniture on which to sit a vase.  The posts, walls,  and the window framing create places on which to hang vases….thus the "wall vase".  Often, whatever is blooming outside is also “blooming inside” in the wall vase.  It takes such a little bit of space to bring the beauty inside.  We use them all the time in our home.

For the vases I’m currently offering, I’m electing not to fill them with flowers so that you may see the vase in its entirety.  But I will be showing a range of vases (that are already sold) which are holding flowers….in an attempt to give you an idea of how full or how sparse you can fill these wall vases. So be sure to view all the additional images.

Hopefully, just in time for you to purchase,  at very affordable prices, pots for all your spring and summer gifting needs…..or just to treat yourself!     


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A little post script:  while in Japan, my teacher’s teacher took me aside at an exhibition of my work and admonished me to always remember that “the vase is for the flowers…the flowers are not for the vase”.  In other words, “Don’t let the vase overpower the vase.”  I’m afraid that I do not always subscribe to his teachings;  some of these wall vases would probably disappoint him.  But I find that I just cannot make them “too” quiet.  You get to decide……..