#4057 Oni-Glazed Cup

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This cup measures 3.75 inches tall.  It holds a modest volume for those beverages that you consume in moderation:  water, juices, tea, coffee perhaps, wine, sake, liquors. 

Here are some new works from my most-recent “Oni-Glazed” firing.....this grouping of 10 cups uses the same glaze, but on differently toned clay bodies - some light, some dark.  These cups were fired to cone 9 and have from 3 to 10 applications on them - by dipping, pouring, spraying, dry-shaking:  wet glazes, dry glazes, clay slips, crawling glazes, cone 5 commercial glazes and cone 7 glazes that I mix.

These are among the first cups to use the information that I have gleaned from nearly 200 test tile efforts.  I always begin with test tiles…focusing and refining my efforts.  When I get to a place that I finally determine to put glazes on pots, I normally choose cup forms:  they are both the most accessible (in terms of use and price) and most intimate of clay forms. 

This approach is the way I continue to try to expand my visual literacy…to expand my understanding of beauty, and to keep trying to learn how to make the pots that I don’t know how to make.

I hope you’ll join me in this adventure…that you might have a place in your cupboard, collection or daily use rituals to select a few of these for yourself.  Enjoy

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