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 This DANCING VASE measures 8.25 inches tall.

One of the pieces that has set my work apart over the years has been my “dancing vases”. 

I’ve demonstrated these at workshops for more than 2 decades - the record of which would create a fascinating time-lapse capture of their development over time.

I set for myself the tasks of trying to see how much implied movement I could create in a static piece - it continues to be my challenge.

The lean, the swoop, the fold, the near-collapse, the swoon, the attitude…..flamenco skirts twirling in no wind - that’s what I’m after.

The most successful ones are a little rare.  I’ve saved up a nice batch of two dozen of what I consider to be my best pieces.  If you’ve ever thought about wanting to get one of these for yourself, this might be the time:  I’m pricing them at 50% of their normal prices….trusting that they will find new and appreciative homes, at an exceptional price.


This piece was glazed and wood-fired for 6 days in the Notre Dame anagama.

Remember that the price on this piece includes packing, shipping and insurance to all continental US addresses.            

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