wall vases

I first learned about wall vases while I was in Japan.  Traditional Japanese homes have few surfaces available for vases.  One accommodation was the development of wall vases, called "kake hanaire".   In traditional post-and-beam-constructed homes, these wall vases are hung from the posts and the window framing...inevitably bringing inside, whatever is blooming outside.

Old Mr. Matsuyama once "schooled" me, reminding me:  "Dick san, always remember that the vase is for the flowers....the flowers are not for the vase."  Said another way:  "Don't upstage the flowers with a loud and attention-grabbing vase".  

Too often, I think, my preference for "more-is-more" will have disappointed my old friend.  But I'm finding my way to a non-Japanese approach to the wall vase.

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